How To Blog About Parenting


Parenting can be tough although the rewards are immeasurable. There are days when you feel that you want to just give up and walk away. But knowing that you are not alone with how you feel can be comforting. This is how a parenting blog is essential. It shares the joys and challenges that parenting can bring about and not being judged about it. It creates a certain kind of community where parents can be open and support each other through their parenting journey. Here are things that you should consider if you want to blog about parenting.

You have created your target audience and you have identified your niche. The first thing that you need to do is to select a topic to write about. What about parenting that you want to focus on? Is it infant feeding? Child rearing? Baby product reviews? Baby wearing? Parenting is such a broad topic but the key thing is that you write about something that interests you.

Once you have selected your topic, then you can create an outline. Outlines keep you on track. You create that flow in what you are about to write. What you can do is scribble some notes or write some keywords about things that you will be discussing in your post. Then you do your research. The information that you find online are endless so you have to know which sites are reliable and accurate. Check and double check your facts.

Create a blogpost title. Actually, you can do either two things. Create a blog post title first before writing the content or write the content first and then decide what title is appropriate based on your content. Do whatever works best for you. And after you write, select the right images to add to that post. Most importantly, do not forget to edit. Either read your post out loud or have someone else read what you’ve written and then give you feedback.

How to Blog for Workout Supplements?

Workout blog

Writing a blog is not easy. In fact, you have to go through a lot of changes which might take days or weeks before you can publish a blog-worthy content. While you can outsource the creation and maintenance of your blog, the following tips might come in handy in establishing yourself as a credible and trusted blogger.

Blog Branding

First of all, you must know your target audience for your blog. In this case, these are people who are into health and fitness. Choosing the right name for your blog should be a top consideration. Taglines, types of font, colors, images and articles in your blog must consistent with the ideas that you want to espouse. Also, using keywords and SEO management can drum up interest in your blog. Ultimately, you want to become a brand, not just a blogger.

Create That Catchy Title and Strategize Your Content

An awesome title that catches the attention of the reader is a great way to retain interest in your blog. You can insert your keywords in the title but try not to overdo it. Follow this up with a short, but concise, introduction. Creating an outline before you start writing your articles is important. This will help you maintain the cohesiveness of your articles. Since you are going to blog about workout supplements, it is important that you are familiar with the products and its ingredients. Do your research. Double-check or triple-check, if you can, the claims of the companies who are selling these products. Try to find scientific evidences that back up these claims. If there are articles that debunks these claims, then cite them up as disclaimers. Just remember to properly credit the authors if you are going to cite them.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Along with SEO management, you can also utilize the power of social media in creating your brand. You can use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram whenever you are promoting products in your blog. You can use these platforms to alert your followers if there are new articles that have been posted in your blog. You can also create your own mailing list by using an email automation software. Placing a prominent sign-up form within the pages of your blog, be it at the sidebar or at the bottom of each article, can attract new subscribers to your blog.

How To Look Slim In Front Of The Camera For Video Blogs


Video blogs, also known as VLOG has becoming very mainstream nowadays and YouTube so far has the most traffic for vloggers. For those who are new to this, video blogging is a form of blogging where the video is the medium. Just like any blogs, the topic could vary. It could be about gaming, cloth diapering, weight loss products, make up and skincare or arts and crafts, depending on the vloggers expertise. Vlogging would mean hours and hours of screen or video time and as a vlogger, you want to look your best. Here are tips so you could look slimmer and better.

Adjust your camera level

You don’t want your camera too low because it may not look too flattering. If your desk is took low, try to place a couple of books underneath so that the webcam is right above your eye level.

Play with the angles and the zoom levels

You don’t want to zoom in too close otherwise you will end up with your entire head occupying the entire screen space. Nor you would want it too far.

Sit or stand at an angle

Directly facing the camera will make you look bigger than you already are. Let your body position be at an angle with your face looking directly at the camera so you will look slimmer.

Pay attention to what you wear

Go for a monochromatic or one solid-colored outfit because this can lengthen your body. It doesn’t have to be black but best if you go on the darker side. Or go for dresses or blouses with smaller prints as they tend to be more flattering compared to outfits with bigger prints.

Vlogs are supposed to be fun and exciting so don’t be scared about not looking good enough because there are things that you can do to address this. The important thing is that you are able to convey your message well, your video is educational and that your personality shines through. Good luck!