How To Blog About Healthy Food And Make It Interesting


We have to admit that one of the most challenging tasks for parents, especially mothers, is in getting their kids to eat healthy food. It would take tons of prodding to make them consider their food choices only to be at the losing end. Indeed, it is a hard nut to crack when it comes to turning junk food fanatics and fast food devotees into healthy food converts.

How much more for bloggers who only has the worldwide web as its medium for convincing people to include healthy food in their diet? A few testimonials might catch attention. But how do you get readers hooked to your blog and persuade them to actually consume healthy options?

Use Photographs & Videos

Visuals can really work wonders. Scan through a number of healthy food blogs and you’ll see those mouth-watering images of their menu staring back at you, beckoning you to sample them. They seem to jump out of your computer screen with their colors coming alive, yelling at you that healthy food is gives you energy, good for you, and is not boring. Thus, it is important that you include attractive food images in your blog. If photos of food are not enough, pictures of how greatly shaped and fit you turn out to be can also inspire your readers to follow your menu suggestions. A video of how easy to prepare these foods can also do some trick.

Incorporate Recipes

In order for readers to actually try the food and come back to your blog for more, one way is to include a recipe of the food you just featured. Add details about the ingredients, their nutrition content, and their positive effects on the body. Include some tips and practical information that will be useful to your readers. You can also run a contest on your blog to drive more traffic.

Don’t Forget the Desserts

Who said that healthy food is all about salads? Nope, it is not limited to green vegetables alone. In fact, there are now many healthy desserts – cakes, pastries, ice creams, smoothies, and juices – that are made out of fresh healthy fruits & vegetables. If you want your readers to even consider healthy food, try first with a dessert and you might just get them to your side.