Beauty Blogging


There are so many upsides and benefits to the blogging lifestyle: if your blog focuses on beauty, fashion or lifestyle, you could receive free products to wear and review; you could find yourself among stars in these industries, attending events and mingling; or you might connect with important brands, other famed bloggers, and even new business ventures. Becoming a blogger is a tough task, and a difficult industry to break into, but it offers an exciting life. If you’re considering starting your very own beauty blog, covering trends, products, and even your own beauty tricks and tips, make the process a little bit easier by following the advice of someone who’s already been down this path. Here’s what expert beauty bloggers recommend for those who are just beginning their own blogs.

Find – or Create – a Niche for Your Blog

An important step in getting your blog noticed and drawing readers’ attention to your posts is being unique. With so many different beauty blogs already present and popular online, you need to set yours apart form the rest by finding a new niche. Although it might seem like everything has already been discovered, written about, and explored, try thinking about hwat it is that you like about beauty – and what you do that’s different than everyone else. Are people always complementing you on your creative hairstyles? Build a blog in the hair niche, where you can share your new tutorials. Do you love getting crazy with nail art, or maybe even eye shadow? Focus on those specialties.

Pick a Specific Audience

Much like you must create a specific and special niche for your blog to keep it interesting, you need to know who, exactly, you want to read every one of your posts. Are you attempting to attract teens, adult professionals, or women who just love beauty products and makeup? When you know your readers, you can better target your posts to them to keep them engaged. For example, if you’re focusing on teen readers, you’ll want to use affordable products in your tutorials and posts that are meant for their beauty needs; if you’re angling more towards adults, you’ll most likely include more anti-aging products and professional makeup looks than you would otherwise.

Keep Things Casual

Finally, an important step in keeping readers and growing your beauty blog is to make your posts enjoyable to read. Think about each post as sharing information with friends – this will help you make your writing conversational, friendly, and even relaxed. The stronger a connection your audience feels to you as a blogger, the more they’ll connect with all that you share on your site. Developing a great relationship with readers also ensures that they will trust your advice and your expertise, so focus on maintaining a consistent and confident voice as well.